Whenever we suffer from illness, our first course of action is to visit the doctor. As laymen, we entrust our health and wellness in the hands of medical professionals since we assume that they have the best knowledge regarding medicine. These healthcare professionals went to school for quite a whileRead More →

One of the more stressful aspects of traveling is deciding what to pack. In most cases, you cannot bring all the things you want to when traveling, especially when you have limited space in your car or if you’re traveling via airplane where you’re only allowed a certain weight forRead More →

In the rainy season, water used to pour into Dativa Nyiramajyambere’s house on a cheap plot of land in the Kigali suburb of Rugenge. Outside her home, a half-metre-wide hole in the pavement gathered rubbish. But in 2009, Kigali’s leaders decided to start demolishing slums in the capital’s poor suburbsRead More →