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Our Profile

What We Do:

Vennomax Media Network is dedicated to providing engaging and interactive news to the Audience. Vennomax provides unique alternative voice to the audience, one that places them back at the center of the news agenda, influencing them to take a responsible action towards a situation.

Each staffer at Vennomax follows the same principles and values that inspire it to be challenging and bold, and to provide a voice for the voiceless even in the inaccessible edges of the Globe.

At Vennomax we are aware that information you receive determines a lot in your entire life. The information has the power to affect your life Economically, Politically, and Socially.

We always ensure you get quality reliable information from Vennomax.

-George Achola

Our Focus

Information Handling

We focus on how we handle the information before all else. We strive to provide the most relevant, up-to-date and cutting-edge information to all that interact with the business so that each professional has the opportunity to come up with new thinking and devise innovative strategies, generate real-time return on investment, and aid the growth of their own businesses.

Innovation Is Key

We are always growing, interacting and becoming better. We believe in technology as the greatest opportunity in the world to revolutionize Journalism and the entire Media. We therefore continue taking chances, utilizing opportunities as we innovate at a rapid pace.

A Great Team

We believe we are always better as a team. We work as a coherent team, supporting team members in achieving our collective goals. We ensure that our culture is one of excellence, camaraderie and awesomeness.

Brief History

Founded on November 2nd, 2017, Vennomax Media Network set itself to be the leading source of Leadership and Business information in the World.

Vennomax is currently available online at

The Media has been distributing its publications via social media and email and is gaining a good number of following and subscription over time.

Vennomax recently released the first Industrial Journal targeting the Kenyan Industrial Sector and the Kenyan Government.


To build a commanding voice in leadership information around the globe by delivering a content that captivates, informs, inspires, and entertains.


Vennomax is striving to deliver correct information in a non-superficial format. Uninfluenced by any personal interest, Vennomax team from all over the Globe work together to serve the interest of the audience, driven by an uncompromising journalism that provides inclusivity.


The Future of Vennomax Media Network

Vennomax is set to launch a monthly Health Magazine from January 2019. Vennomax 10-year plan has more productions, Radio and Television transmission of our media productions. Vennomax is planning to continue engaging it readers through seminars and events in various topics throughout the world.

"We are a growing network."

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