Juventus launches their new jersey

Season finale against Hellas Verona on Saturday will see Italian champions in their new jersey before the kick off of the 2018/2019 season. Juventus home kit comes in a different kind of look than what we’ve seen from adidas since it took over since the past three years. Instead of lots of black and white stripes new two black stripes on either side of a white stripe down the center of the jersey.

And on the back, a different kind of look to the front of the jersey in Here are some of the comments from Juventus fans “My thoughts: As long as Paulo Dybala is wearing it come September 2018, then I’m going to love it. Well, I’ll love that Dybala is in a Juventus jersey come September, but I might not love the kit.”

“Actually, it’s not as bad as some might originally think. Unlike the pictures above, there will be a Scudetto patch added as we’ve seen on the past seven years worth of new kits. There will be a Coppa Italia path as we’ve seen the last three years. That will added some flavor to it, for sure.”

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