Tech Company Ownership: Amazon, Facebook, Expedia

Most of the biggest and the best tech and internet companies such as PayPal, Instagram and Skype are actually not independent companies but owned by larger parent corporations.

Internet and tech companies are some of the biggest players when it comes to mergers and acquisitions; a fraction of tech-related companies own most of the internet’s real estate.

They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals of becoming the biggest and most dominant players online. Let’s look at three of the major ones.

  1. Amazon

Last year, Amazon made its largest acquisition yet, of Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion and there are rumours that it wants to take over companies in the retail, grocery and pharmacy markets such as Costco and Target.

Amazon wasn’t always about big acquisitions, though. One of its first ones was the Zappos company which operated in customer services and then Kiva Systems which has been rebranded to Amazon Robotics.

  1. Facebook

By far, its most notable acquisition has been the photo sharing app Instagram for $1 billion in April 2012.

At the time of the purchase, Instagram had 30 million users but made zero revenue whatsoever. Fast forward to today and it has over 600 million users and is a multi-billion dollar advertising business.

  1. Expedia

Expedia has spent billions of dollars acquiring a vast number of companies to expand its role and establish its place in the travel world.

In the last ten years, it has acquired TripAdvisor and, even though TripAdvisor was spun off eventually. Expedia aims to provide everything a traveler might need with a single search and streamlined booing process.

 Want to learn more about which companies own other companies? Check out our infographic below.

The Web World: Who Owns Who?


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